3 Proven Ways To Cure Cough Naturally

cough-n-cold1-300x300Having a cough is irritating and disturbing. Sometimes you need to take a rest and yet your world seems to stop when you have to take a pause from you what you saying and start barking like it’s the end of the world. So, before you totally get irritated and head on to drinking a whole bottle of cough syrup, try to look for natural way to get rid of the problem.

Look for Thyme – Thyme has been proven by Germans to be effective cure for cough. It is also capable of clearing out some infections in the upper respiratory system, bronchitis and other problems of that sort. The tiny leaves are known to contain compounds that relief a person from cough. Thyme flavanoids can relax the ileal muscles and the tracheal muscles. They also reduce inflammation. 

Flax, Honey and Lemon – A thick gel is produced when flax seeds are boiled. This can be used to soothe the bronchial tract and the throat. Honey and lemon serve as antibiotics a.

Black Pepper Tea – This remedy emerged from two different traditions: Chinese and New England. According to these two traditions, black pepper has the ability to stimulate mucus flow and circulation.

How to Do it

For the thyme remedy, you can create a tea by crushing and mixing two teaspoons of leaves c in one cup of hot water. Allow the mixture to stand for ten minutes then strain.

For the Lemon, flax and honey, you can boil three tablespoons of the seeds in one cup of hot water until the mixture becomes thick. Strain and then add three tablespoons of lemon juice and another three tablespoons of honey. Add another one tablespoon for each when necessary.

For the black tea from pepper, you can place one teaspoon of pepper, freshly ground, and two tablespoons of honey. Fill the two with hot water. Allow to steep for about fifteen minutes then strain as needed. This remedy is known to be very effective for coughs accompanied with mucus. This could not be used for dry and irritating coughs.

There are still a lot of ways to treat cough at home. One natural and costless means is to drink a lot of fluids in order to sustain the body moisture. Keeping your body healthy is not a cure but a preventive way that should be a part of your daily habit.