Top 6 Tips To Cure A Dry & Irritating Cough

6Natural herbs and commercially sold medicines abound in order for you to deal with coughs efficiently. However, you don’t need to forget home practices that do not only cure coughs but also prevent them from attacking your immune system. Whether you are a career woman or just plain housewife, you can do a lot of thing while staying at home to battle this respiratory problem and prevent yourself from succumbing to its effects.

Tips to Cure Cough

1. Drink lots of fluid – this will keep you hydrated and deal with post nasal drip. Extra moisture from fluids can help in the thinning out of the mucus according to medical experts. The liquid also has the ability to keep the membranes moist. 

2. Work with Hot drinks and lozenges – These products have the ability to numb the throat back and will deal effectively with cough reflex. Soothing the throat can be done through drinking warm tea mixed honey.

4. Use a humidifier and take steamy baths – By doing so, you allow the hot show to loosen secretions along the nose. This strategy helps in easing the coughs along with asthma and allergies. Humidifiers, on the other hand, can help the cough out especially in a dry home where nasal secretions are known to be uncomfortable and desiccated. The humidifiers may not work as desired if they are dirty and overused. Clean them to avoid molds and fungus from thriving in them.

5. Free the air from irritants – scented bathrooms and perfumes are considered as benign yet other people may view these as a cause to sinus irritation. This can lead to so-called chronic cough that produces excessive mucus. You can control this from happening if you have regulated the use of these scented products. Smoke, however, is known as the most abusive irritant in the air. Smoker’s cough is developing through cigarette smoking and most of them suffer from airway irritation, too. The only intervention for this is for smokers to stop their habit.

6. Eating fruits and drinking fruit juices – These do not only supply the body with fluids but are also capable of supplying Vitamin C which is an immune booster. Natural fruit juices contain vitamins and nutrients essential in keeping the body in shape.

There are still a lot of things you are capable of doing. Keeping a healthy mindset will prevent your body from weakening. Once you have a strong immune system, coughs do not have a reason to thrive.